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While we finished un-packing shortly after we moved into our house, we are now finally settling in to our new place. I may think I know where I want things in a new house, until I start to actually live there.  Then I tend to move things around until I find the place where they will work best. While most things stay pretty much in the same place, some things do change.

One of those things was our Dining room.

I had planned on putting the large dining room table that we were in the process of building in the formal dining room. Leaving us our smaller white round table in the dining room. – You can see it in our last house here.

After thinking about it I realized that having a ‘formal dining room’ just wasn’t what I wanted. I didn’t want to build a family table that would only get used for parties and holidays. I wanted it to be used on a regular basis.

So I scratched formal dining room off of the list and added an office, for now at least.


Here are the listing photos of the dining room.


Paneling for as far as the eye can see.

Paneling that matches the trim, the ceiling beams, the cabinets and pretty closely to the floor too. It was just a bit too much of the same drab color.

The first thing that I did was to pull out that huge cast iron fireplace insert. A friend of ours took it off of our hands and sold it for scrap metal. Then I got to painting.

I found this lovely picture on my phone, – that my husband secretly took of me, – while I was working on the dining room. Its not the best of pictures, but I am glad to have it because I am not really in any of my blogging picture. Maybe for good reason. LOL.

Lets be honest, we don’t all look like Nicole Curtis when we do house remodeling projects!

Just to clarify that is a pair of painting capri’s and a old knit summer dress that I turned into a paint shirt. It was cold so I put on a painting sweatshirt and socks. It takes effort to look this awesome!


While I would have loved to tear it all out and have someone install drywall, I am an impatient kind of girl. I wanted to get things moving along. So my next best option was paint.

Let me tell you friends. DO NOT SKIP ON PRIMING!!

I tried to convince myself that using a paint and primer in one was going to be fine.



It wasn’t.

You see I removed the trim that was like a foot down from the actual ceiling and when I painted it was much brighter in that spot then the rest of the wall. You can faintly see the strip in the picture below but let me tell you it really stood out. This was after 3 layers of paint and primer.

At this point I was thinking that maybe tearing it all out wasn’t so far fetched an idea.

After having a full range of emotions about this tiny odd strip on my walls I talked to my home decor bestie, Lauren at Gather and Flourish and she suggested that I just use regular primer over top of this and then paint again.

This is why I have a home decor bestie. She points things our to me that are literally right under my nose but can not see. If you don’t have one, I suggest you find yourself one. They are the best!

I went back and added two coats of regular primer to the walls and it covered up that odd little bright strip perfectly.

After getting the walls all primed white, I was not loving the look of the fireplace surrounded in all white. It just didn’t look right. I first painted just the mantel, but that still wasn’t enough. I decided to paint the entire wall above the fireplace and just surprise my husband with the idea.


Luckily he loved the idea, but something still wasn’t right with it. I loved the color that I picked for the fireplace but not the look of it.  The color of the paint is Black Panther by Benjamin Moore.

I had gotten the paint for a bathroom cabinet in our last house in a semi gloss sheen. The semi gloss look was fine for a bathroom but not a fireplace. I headed back to the store and bought the same color in a flat sheen and it was perfect.


We cut a 1×6 board and added it to the front and sides of the fireplace to cover up that scalloped design. It really helped update the fireplace and give it a polished off look.



We hosted Thanksgiving this year so that put a halt to our Dining room remodel project, but I am loving the progress that we have made so far!



Lots more of the dining room to come!

We still need to paint the walls (again) and install new lights and flooring!



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