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Hi friends!

Welcome to week 5 of the One Room Challenge! Can you believe that this challenge is almost over?! It seems to be flying by for me! This last week was a complete hustle week with lots of late nights. I am happy to report that another huge item on the list has been checked off! The plank floor is in, painted and sealed!

Now I am not going to run through the whole process of how I installed this plank floor because I have already done that! Yep, I put this DIY plank flooring in my Living room which is right next to this office. You can head on over and check out my DIY Plank Flooring tutorial. It covers everything that you will need to know on how to install the DIY wide plank floor from the tools you will need, the type of wood to buy, to my own technique in adhering the planks to the floor, to the paint color that I used and how to seal the floor.

Here is a little peek at a piece of decor for my office.

I was planning on hanging this architectural piece on a different wall but my husband suggested I hang it here on the navy wall, and I love this idea! So out goes the shelves that I was thinking about putting here. I may change my mind down the road.

I have just a few things left to do on my list and then a few small things like put the light switch covers back on and add the knobs to the cabinets. Then it is time to decorate!

I can’t wait to decorate this room! And get my house back to normal! lol My living room has been over run with displaced project stuff. This room already makes me smile with the changes I have made to it already!

Here is to hoping everything comes together for the last week of the challenge!

Here is the To Do list for the room:

  • Prime the trim, walls and doors : DONE
  • Install custom accent wall design : DONE
  • Paint the trim, walls and doors : DONE
  • Install and paint the DIY plank flooring : DONE
  • Re-paint White round table
  • Buy new hardware for Buffet : DONE
  • Install new light
  • Reupholster Office Chair
  • Decorate the room

The media sponsor for this incredibly fun and inspiring event is Better Homes and Gardens.

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