The Perfect Navy Paint that Almost Wasn’t| Eclectic Farmhouse Home Office – ORC Week 4

What a crazy week!

It started off with a last minute trip to my home state of Michigan to spend Easter with my family. An unexpected ER visit for my little miss made us stay a bit longer, leaving me with just one day to work on my office. That means that the next weeks I am going to have to work overtime to get this room completed!

While I only had one day or really 5.5 hours to work on my room, It made a big impact on the room!

I got my navy paint up on the walls!

Of course I had to start with the boring stuff of taping and caulking and then it came to the fun color infusion time. I really love watching a space transform before your eyes with paint. The color I used is Sherwin Williams Naval. I am pretty sure it is the darkest navy colors.

I am not going to lie, I had a few freak out moments when I was painting.

They went like this…

Open the paint can and oooh and awe over how perfect of a color this navy paint is.

Start painting the corners.

Slightly freak our because it looks kind of teal and not Navy.

I talk myself off of that ledge by telling myself that its maybe not mixed all the way and so I mix the paint some more.

The paint starts looking like the perfect dark shade of Navy and then it starts to dry and it gets darker and darker.

I assure myself that once the light and bright floors are installed that it will bounce more light and make it look brighter. I continue painting the room and turn to see my perfect shade of navy on the other side of the room looking more like black then navy.

I stop painting and head to school pick up and swing by Home Depot on my way home to pick up other ‘Navy’ paint samples.

I painted the new colors next to the Sherwin Williams Naval.

While they are all pretty colors they are not the color that I wanted.

They are not a true navy color and I fall in love with the Navy color that I picked to begin with.

While it may not look like the perfect navy color at all times of the day, when the sun is shining just right the paint lights up to the perfect true navy color and that is just what I wanted for my eclectic office.

The lesson here, Go with what you love and trust your instincts.

Here is the To Do list for the room:

  • Prime the trim, walls and doors : DONE
  • Install custom accent wall design : DONE
  • Paint the trim, walls and doors : DONE
  • Install and paint the DIY plank flooring
  • Re-paint White round table
  • Install shelves in cubby
  • Buy new hardware for Buffet
  • Install new light
  • Reupholster Office Chair
  • Decorate the room

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