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This last weekend I had the fun of going to the Finder’s Keepers Vintage Market  with my cousin Melissa and her mom, my Aunt Carol.  I had been counting down the days until it arrived.

I was so excited to go check it out!

This was my first time going to this specific market, and this was the first vintage shopping experience ever for my cousin Melissa and Aunt Carol. It had also been awhile since I had gone shopping for vintage items, so I was thrilled to get to do some vintage shopping.

Vintage Market | One Thousand Oaks

I mean just look at those teaser photos! Now you can see why I was so excited about it!

When we got there the place was packed with people, making it hard to get some good pictures of the most buzzing booths. There were also a lot of booths so I did my best to remember the Shop names.

One of the busiest booths we saw was this one from Cotton Blossom Exchange. It was farmhouse decor central. Everything was adorable and the prices were great!

-You can check out their online shop HERE and follow them on Instagram HERE
Cotton Blossom Exchange | One Thousand Oaks
The Cotton Blossom Exchange
Cotton Blossom Exchange | One Thousand Oaks
The Cotton Blossom Exchange

I just loved this antique piece, It was so huge and has so much character.  The drawers inside were all marked for certain size screws, bolts and nails. Each drawer that you pulled out had three compartments in it. This is an organizers dream.

Vintage Furniture | One Thousand Oaks

This adorable table and vignette is from Cherry Street Cottage.

-You can find them on Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE
Cherry Street Cottage | One Thousand Oaks
Cherry Street Cottage

There were a few adorable plaid vignettes at a couple different booths. They had me dreaming of being cuddled up next to a fall bonfire and sipping some apple cider.

Plaid Vignette | One Thousand Oaks

Plaid Vignette | One Thousand Oaks

Vintage Globe | One Thousand Oaks

So I snapped a picture of this fan so that I would remember where it was so I could come back and purchase it once I had done a little bit of looking around. Well I am sad to say I forgot to go back and buy it. It wasn’t until I was editing pictures for this post that I remembered.

I am so bummed.

I had big plans for that fan. Sigh.

Next time….

These goodies were from Lavender Lane Decor

-You can find them on Facebook HERE.-


There were so many AMAZING furniture pieces at the Finders Keepers Vintage Market.

Nothing was over $400!!

They were all so beautiful and had so much unique character.


Window table | One Thousand Oaks








This is one of the things that I bought as soon as I found it.

I am so glad that I did because this Magnolia wreath was the only one that I came across at the Vintage Market.

I have been searching for a beautiful Magnolia wreath and this one was just too good to pass up!

If you are looking one be sure to check out my 10 Affordable Magnolia Wreaths post!

I really loved the handmade window that the magnolia wreath hung on as well. It was from Family Fix and Flip

-You can find them on Facebook HERE and on Instagram HERE.-


If my camera ever decides that it wants to stop working, I will definitely be doing this with it!

14368903_10157318112580562_8859297087203997817_n Fresh local grown flowers. This entire booth smelled amazing!



The shop is called Rust and Relics and it reminded me of all of my favorite things from the popular Magnolia store.

– You can find them HERE and on Instagram HERE
Rust and Relics

Cute up-cycled Owl chimes by Country Love.

Owl Chimes |
Country Love

These two got their first taste of a push pop from an adorable Vintage Ice Cream Truck called Humor Me.

-You can find them on Facebook HERE




Here are a few shops that I was unable to get a picture of but had adorable stuff, you should check them out!

Thistle Baby -Baby clothes – Instagram, Facebook, Shop

Three Little Doves – Custom Home Decor- Instagram, Facebook, Shop

Macie & Me- Kids Wear – Instagram, Facebook, Shop


We all a a great time and can’t wait for the next one!

I am planning on being more prepared next year with a bigger budget and a Uhaul.





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