What I Learned Living Without a Cell Phone for a Week

A week is not that long to go without a cell phone, you might be thinking. I know, I know. Have you ever done it?

I am normally pretty good with cell phones, compared to a lot of people that I know. Very rarely do I break them or loose them. Now setting my phone down at home and forgetting where I set it down at, that happens all the time. I had my last phone for four years. That is old in phone years.

We were planning on switching phone carriers because we had very bad service at our house. With two kids home all day with me I needed a phone that would work to make phone calls from inside and not only in the middle of the driveway.

Go back about two weeks. Our kitchen pantry was getting low on food and I needed to go grocery shopping. Normally I go grocery shopping in the evening by myself while my husband stays home with the kids. Well my Husband had to work that evening and we really needed groceries. So I packed up the kids and went shopping.

Grocery shopping went amazingly smooth. Not a single tear was shed nor tantrum thrown. Now I call that a win.

However somehow between checking out at one store and driving to the next one I lost my phone. I have no idea how. I searched and searched for it everywhere but no luck. I finally gave up and went and got a new phone.



What I learned living without a phone for a week.

I have no sense of  time.

The only clocks currently in our house are on the stove and the microwave in the kitchen. I don’t spend much time in the kitchen outside of making meals as it is not a very kid friendly space and I have two groupies  children that follow me all day. My sense of time was non existent. My daughter would say that she was hungry and ask if it was lunch time yet. If you know my daughter this comes as no surprise, she is hungry all the time. She is a big snacker and would eat all day long if she could. I would tell her that we would eat lunch when it was lunch time. I would go upstairs to check the time and it would be past our usual lunch time. oops! We need more clocks in our house.

Social Media sucks you in.

I have a habit of checking my social media frequently. When I hear a notification, when I am bored or nursing the baby. I do it often. By not having my phone I checked my social media less because it was difficult to sit down at the computer. It gave me more time to play with my kids and clean the house, because I wasn’t being sucked in with each notification. Hello organized play room! It was inconvenient to not have my phone to google things. I never realized how much I did that. I have since turned off most of my social media notifications so that they don’t distract me all day long.

Missed Moments

There were several times that I went to reach for my phone to take a picture of my kids as they were doing something silly or cute or new. I have a DSLR camera but that is not practical to carry around with me all day. It is actually a hazard, I may or may not have accidentally once upon a time bent over to pick up a kid with teh said camera hanging from my neck to have it swing forward and hit them in the head on accident. So I just try to save it for big occasions and use my phone for the every day stuff. We do not own a video camera either, so luckily my little guy decided to take his first steps before loosing my phone.

Lack of communication

Normally my Husband and I text each other through out the day. I really missed that touch of communication during the day. We did use Facebook messenger to communicate, but it was awkward to run to the computer to send messages. It was also not good to not be able to get to call anyone. Luckily nothing major happened during the week so I didn’t need to call for help.

All in all I am glad for the conveniences that come with a smart phone that we have all grown accustomed to. Should it always be in hand? No but it is nice to have handy.



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